MBMO Asia Co., Ltd. is part of the MBMO Group and is responsible for the business activities of Zippo® in Thailand. 

MBMO Group The Netherlands

International focus

MBMO Asia is the official distributor of Zippo® lighters and accessories in Thailand since 2018.

Zippo® is the largest producer of petrol lighters in the world. The Zippo® lighter distinguishes itself from other lighters by the unique shape and sound you hear when you open and close the lighter. Zippo® gives a lifetime warranty on the lighters. Zippo® was founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1932 with the aim of developing a lighter that was both good looking and easy to operate. Zippo® has been a household name in the world for many years.  

Zippo By MBMO was established in 2017. Via Zippo By MBMO we sell Zippo's world famous petrol lighters and Zippo accessories through various channels. We use various online platforms such as lazada.co.th, shopee.co.th and our own webshop: americanlighters.com. In addition, we have a physical shop in the busy Seacon Bangkae Mall in Bangkok.

Extensive collaboration with Zippo®

To conquer the Thai market, Zippo® joined forces with MBMO Asia in 2018.

Through the use of our knowledge of the Thai market, the years of expertise of our professionals and the extensive network of MBMO Group in Thailand, MBMO Asia Co., Ltd. is a very meaningful partner of Zippo Asia Ltd. Due to the constant design and expansion of the business activities, the Zippo® products are already available in various pop-up stores in and around Bangkok, at franchisees and through online sales.

Largest producer of petrol lighters in the world