Xlens gmbh

Xlens: a targeted approach to learning and reading problems

Xlens GmbH is a German company focused on tackling learning and reading problems. The Xlens color filters have been a proven tool for children and adults for many years, who have great difficulty in reading. Independent research among Xlens users has shown that we can eliminate reading problems and / or related complaints by using patented color filters.

The Xlens color filters are based on increasing tranquility and concentration through different filtering of the light. People with learning and reading problems experience many complaints that are caused by a disturbed or incorrect transfer of light stimuli from the eyes to the brain. The patented filters of Xlens are light stimulating and ensure that the light and light stimulating processing from eyes to brains are corrected in such a way that there are immediate relief and improvement. Existing learning and reading related complaints and reading problems will immediately decrease and can disappear with correct and long-term use.

Equity Participation MBMO Group

MBMO Group has a majority stake of 80% in Xlens GmbH.