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Daily fresh sandwiches

Founded in 2018, The Slide Wich Netherlands B.V. is a dynamic and already fast growing business with a passion for delightful food. The Slide Wich presents modern Asia with a fine cut of traditional European flavours and classic Asian ones. The company combines crunchy Slide Wich sandwiches with both western and traditional Thai toppings of the highest quality.

At several easy to reach locations in Bangkok, The Slide Wich presents a straightforward and healthy option for a quick lunch or a crunch for sweetness. The carefully selected and locally sourced and natural ingredients guarantee the quality of European style bread, fresh salads, and juicy meat toppings.

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The Slide Wich® is part of the MBMO Group.
Shop value proposition

The Slide Wich offers a competitive product, catering to customers of all walks of life. The Slide Wich serves a value-added menu with genuine, savoury products, fine-tuned to the customers’ wishes. The savoury offerings are matched with excellent service and a friendly atmosphere. The Slide Wich operates with multiple franchisees in and around Bangkok and flexible store formats, fitting any requirement and specification.

The Slide Wich is well aware that the secret behind value proposition is support. They assist franchise entrepreneurs in setting up their business, getting their local marketing going and welcoming their first customers. But the support does not stop short there. They will always be there to help entrepreneurs. 

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