MBMO Group corporate bonds

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Benefit from the growth of the MBMO Group

The MBMO Group has experienced significant growth in recent years. The company holding owns four successful businesses and has entered into important partnerships with renowned partners in the Netherlands, Germany and Thailand. Our Thai company MBMO Asia Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Zippo®: the largest producer of petrol lighters in the world.

We are very proud of the positive and fruitful developments of the MBMO Group and have the ambition to continue this success internationally. Due to the increasing growth, there is a need to expand our working capital. As an investor, we would like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the promising developments of the MBMO Group.


6,5% rentevergoeding
€10.000 48 months
  • Fixed interest and repayment
  • Duration 48 months
  • Interest payment per year
  • No emission costs
  • 0,5% final bonus


8% interest rate
€25.000 48 months
  • Fixed interest and repayment
  • Duration 48 months
  • Interest payment per year
  • No emission costs
  • iPad Pro (2021 M1) 11inch cadeau
What will we do with your investment?

Your investment (and the investments of co-investors) is used as working capital. This working capital is placed with the utmost care to optimize our business processes and activities. This is among others, but not limited to:

  • Investments regarding further internationalization;
  • Building and further expanding partnerships with reliable, reputable companies;
  • Expanding and integrating (international) sales channels;
  • Internal process optimization; 
  • Attracting talent and educational purposes for training and development; 
  • Investments in e-commerce, integration and optimization of (online) systems and software to improve our services and increase conversion;
  • Investments in extensive marketing and communication campaigns in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Thailand.
Gratis iPad pro (2021 M1) 11 inch
a valuable addition to your investment portfolio

The MBMO Group corporate bonds offer you an attractive opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. MBMO Group has long-term contractual partnerships with various internationally operating companies in emerging markets. MBMO Group owns four promising subsidiary companies that are located in the Netherlands, Germany and Thailand.

Due to the enormous growth of our organization and subsidiary companies, our business activities and business processes require a lot of extensive knowledge and capital. With the MBMO Group corporate bond, your investment is placed directly in the working capital of the group. This allows us to offer you a secured investment with few risks and an attractive return.

To guarantee your investment and interest, you are fully entitled to the debt portfolio of the MBMO Group. 

Investment procedure

Once you have made a careful and conscious decision and you have decided to participate in the MBMO Group corporate bonds, you can participate in two different ways: 

You can complete your participation online by completing the registration form online. The investment funds can easily be transferred in a reliable payment environment via iDeal, Belfius Direct Net, KBC / CBC and bank transfer. After receiving your details and the investment funds, you will be registered in the participation register and you will receive a certificate of participation.  

You can also complete your participation in writing. Download the entry form and fill it in completely. Send your participation form and a copy of your ID by emailinfo@mbmo.euor by post. After reviewing your documents, you will receive a confirmation of your registration request. If agreed, your request to participate will be linked to a certificate number and you will receive the bank and investment details by email to complete your participation. After receipt of the investment funds, the participation procedure will be completed and you will be registered in the participation register. 

For questions please contact us.

Would you like to receive more information about our investment opportunities? You can contact us at any time. When you fill in the contact form on this page, you will receive an email from us with all information about the MBMO Group bonds.

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