JOINT COMMITMENT for a good foundation

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Our social commitment

Together with our partners we strive for a solid foundation, in short and long term. We believe it is very important to consider corporate social responsibility. For example, we support various foundations with our company, partners and subsidiary companies and we take sustainability into account. 

Eye care MBMO Group

MBMO Group is actively involved with the NTCC in Thailand. De NTCC – The Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce – supports small and medium enterprises in Thailand with regard to trade, industry, finance and investments in Thailand and the Netherlands. The NTCC has over 300 Dutch entrepreneurs as members. As a member of the NTCC, MBMO Group contributes to the growth of Dutch entrepreneurship in Thailand by contributing its expertise and (financial) contribution. Naturally, the NTCC and its chairman and board of directors is also an important sparring partner for MBMO Group and our business activities in Southeast Asia.

Our subsidiary company Xlens GmbH collaborates with EyeCare Foundation. since 2017. Xlens GmbH supports people with learning and reading problems. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world with (eye) problems gets the help they need. That is why we have chosen to support EyeCare Foundation with Xlens GmbH. For every Xlens pair of glasses that are sold, Xlens GmbH offers a donation to the EyeCare Foundation. By doing this, we want to contribute to the fight against unnecessary blindness and low vision in developing countries. Partly with our contribution, the foundation can, for example, perform a cataract operation, help someone with fitting glasses or train a village health worker.

Our subsidiary company The Slide Wich® teams up exclusively with reputable companies in Thailand. Quality and hygiene are of the utmost importance to us and when selecting our ingredients we select our suppliers based on important criteria. For example, we require certifications that guarantee sustainability and animal friendliness. An example of this is the collaboration with M. Chef Solutions in Thailand, a subsidiary company of the multinational Unilever. The production company M. Chef Solutions takes sustainability into account, selects the right ingredients with the utmost care and produces with halal certification.