Entrepreneurship in the Asean region

Doing business in the fast growing Asean region

Interested in doing business in the emerging economies of Southeast Asia? At MBMO Group we support entrepreneurs in international business and logistics management, with a specialization in business in the ASEAN region. 

ASEAN stands for The Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the region includes 10 promising countries in Southeast Asia. ASEAN is the sixth largest economic power in the world. In 2030, ASEAN is expected to be the fourth largest power in the world. The promising ASEAN countries therefore offer entrepreneurs many opportunities. 

One of the most important countries of ASEAN is Thailand. Due to the increasing purchasing power, diversified economy and rising prosperity, the Thai economy offers many opportunities for business success and an attractive return. 

Would you like to know more about doing business in Thailand? MBMO Group is a supportive partner in marketing and logistics issues for Dutch entrepreneurs. 

Ondernemen in Thailand
Entrepreneurship in Thailand
Internationalization success drivers

Interested in doing business in the fast growing economy in Thailand? Make sure you are well prepared. International business involves several challenges. In a country with large demographic, economic and cultural differences, it is crucial to delve into the market. What business opportunities are there? Which regulations apply in Thailand? And how do you find a reliable business partner? MBMO Group helps you with your international ambitions.

Uw product in Thailand
Sell your products in Thailand
Entering the Thai consumer market

There are various promising sectors for Dutch entrepreneurs in Thailand. Think of agro and food, transport and logistics, the creative sector and high-tech and electronics. Are you looking for the right distribution channels? At MBMO Group we show you the world of logistics, import, export and regulations in Thailand. We guide you throughout the entire process and ensure successful entry into the Thai consumer market.

Marktonderzoek Thailand
Be well prepared

Not surely convinced that your company can gain position in Thailand? Let our top-quality advisers explore the opportunities in Thailand for your company. MBMO Group is based in Bangkok and has been active in the Thai market for several years. Our professionals perform a thorough market analysis for you. We map the success factors and opportunities, but also advise you on a targeted approach to remove obstacles and acquire an important position in Thailand. 

Your individual objectives form the basis for our business advice